How to mention « Black people » in French?

Omar Sy, a famous French actor an humorist
                                            Omar Sy, a famous French actor an humorist

Learning a language means to learn its culture and to know its context. In France, a very important aspect of the culture is political correctness.

A question that I’m often asked is « how do french call Black people ? »  Not so easy to answer!

  • We often use an euphemism to refer to Black people : « des personnes de couleur« . It would correspond to « coloured people » in english, but notice that the old-fashioned english term is now considered offensive and is no longer used, while in french « des personnes de couleur » remains a polite way to refer to black people.

Example : « Un homme de couleur, jeune et à capuche a plus de risque d’être arrêté par la police. »

(A young black man wearing hoodies is more likely to be stopped by the police)


  • You have to know another expression : « des personnes issues de la diversité« . In english « people from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds », or « persons reflecting France’s ethnic diversity ». Sure, it’s an euphemism, and it’s quite difficult to pronounce…and to remember! But at least when you hear it or read it, you’ll know what it means.

Example : »Depuis quelques années, nous favorisons la représentation dans les médias des personnes issues de la diversité »

(Since several years, we promote the representation of people from diverse backgrounds in the media).


  • Inspired by the american word, there’s the word « black » like in the example. For a woman we say « une black« . People prefer this word because it’s less connotated than the french word « noir » (black). But be careful with the context when you use it, it’s a bit colloquial!

Example : « Mon voisin est un black très sympa.Je le croise tous les matins »

(my neighbour is black and he’s very nice.I meet him every day)


  • A variety of french slang, verlan, created in the suburbs, inverts syllables. It has its own word to refer to black people :

              « un renoi« . Its the equivalent of « nigga ».

« Renoi » is the reverse word for « noir« .

Of course,as it’s an informal word, be careful with whom you’re using this word!


Some advice :
*The word « un Noir » is rather neutral but not very used

*Some peaple say « les africains« : it’s not correct. Many black people are not from African origin, they can be French as they come from the Antilles, from South America (Guyana…)

*Forget about the word « nègre » : it’s very derogatory!

I recommend you to read (in French):


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